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Break Time | February 11, 2016

Every artist needs a break. It would be a grave mistake if he or she locks himself or herself in a room painting or writing day in and day out without taking any break. I guarantee that it would be a major cause of artistic block. Unless he or she is a major procrastinator, he or she had no reason to lock himself or herself away from civilization without coming into contact with humanity and nature.

An artist needs to give himself or herself some time to let the things in his or her mind process things in order to create something new. Sometimes, he or she needs to doodle and to write crazy things on paper. Then, he or she needs to give it time to settle down so that the brain could process things and to create something worthwhile.

An example would be writing this blog. The night I wrote this, I decided to write as much as I could in order to have a good idea for the blog posts during the week. I had plenty of idea for Monday’s post but I was lacking topics for Tuesday until Friday. Nevertheless, I wrote a few paragraphs for each of the remaining days even if I didn’t have anything to say then I went to sleep. The next day, my mind was coming up with a ton of ideas for the blog posts. I was able to come up with topics for the rest of the week including this post.

If you find yourself not wanting to work but you’ve been working nonstop for days, maybe it’s time for a break. Go to Starbucks. Do your chores. Go to the park. For a day or two, do something else other than writing. You can even watch a movie. Then, come back and work. You’ll notice that you have more ideas.

Every artist needs a break. It’s a way to recharge and to generate more ideas.

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