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Cursed Tasks | February 19, 2016

There were things that is necessary for us to do even if we hate doing them if we really want to be successful in our crafts. One of those things is organizing.

Just because you love everything about the craft doesn’t mean that you’re going to like everything about it. If you want to be a professional, there are some aspects of your craft that you wouldn’t like. Whether it’s organizing or doing interviews, there would be things that you don’t like to do but are necessary in order to get things the way they are.

Sometimes, people think that if they abandon their current jobs and try to make a living off something they really like that it’s going to be smooth sailing. That is not the case. People still have to promote their products, organize their things, balance their budgets, etc. Not everybody would love to do those things. Nevertheless, they’re necessary for people that are turning pro.

There are things that are necessary evil in people’s lives. You can’t help it but they’re necessary if people would like to make money through art—at least in the beginning. You have to conquer your fear if you wish to become successful in your craft. For example, if you hate talking to other people, you have to learn how to talk to other people politely as a way to advertise.

In my case, it’s trying to organize my things. A few weeks ago, I was writing the pattern for a beanie I made. I couldn’t remember the yarn and the color I used. Thankfully, the yarn’s website has all the color for the yarn. I was able to recreate the pattern. That afternoon, I spent my time cataloging my yarn collection.

There are things that we need to do that we don’t necessarily like if we were to become professional. Even after we receive the level of success, there would be days when we would rather have a root canal than do a certain task. While we like one aspect of our work, we won’t necessarily like everything we’re doing on our perspective occupations.

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